hi maxipad.

so i know you’re still checking my tumblr and i don’t know why, but i guess i kinda get it because i’m still checking the tracker to see if you’re checking my tumblr. dumb. anyways, i’m not changing my url back this time. at least, not until you eventually forget it even existed. which has to happen at some point, right? i’m not going to be lame and delete you on facebook or instagram or snapchat. but i think it’s fair to both of us if i do this. this entire situation is shitty and i feel really stupid even typing this out right now but i think it’s necessary. there’s a lot i should have said to you last night and i’m sorry i didn’t.

i think the most important thing i should have said was that i really did (and still do) care about you a lot and i hope we can be friends in the future. if not, i hope we’re both single and still hot in 10 years. i’ll give you a call.

love, tampon

PS not to call you out or anything, but you’ve never once kept a promise to me so the least you could do is put your damn keychain on your keys. i’m not joking, that thing was $5.99

PPS i know this is probably my dumbest tumblr post ever, thanks