i wish girls could have sleep overs with boys without the whole they gonna fuck attitude

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Anklet on an elephant paw - Eric Lafforgue


Is it just me or does Ezra Miller actually have one of the nicest profiles?

breathing is something i am no longer capable of

you could drunkenly stumble back into my life tonight, tomorrow, or two weeks from now and pick up where we left off and i would fall right back into you like the seasons never changed

chantelle winnie by lance gross

"He makes me want to know about little things, so that I can teach him. Like when we sit by this lake, I wish I knew what kind of turtle that was, so I could tell him. And I want to figure out what kind of duck that is, so I can tell him all about it the next time we come.""What do you want most for him?""Whatever his dreams are, I’m down to ride for him.""What’s your biggest fear for him?""That he won’t try. If he doesn’t try, I’ll be hurt. Cause then we’ll never know how far he’d get."


(**** You by One Direction)

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Sunrise over Towers of Paine
Patagonia, Argentina
Frances Kwok


im putting this post on my resume

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employer: why should we hire you?

me: i got first place on Rainbow Road

employer: holy shit

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